About us

From private home to popular guest house

K Hilding Källén was an extraordinary person. After a career as a journalist in Stockholm, he moved to Åsgård in 1937. His enormous collection of historical items made it necessary to expand the farm, and to cover the costs he first started a boarding school and then a guest house and sanatorium. The people from the area could travel there by train or steamboat to be cared for or to buy healing ointments.

The guest house of Åsgård became very popular and could accommodate up to 20 guests. Among them were several authors, poets and musicians. K Hilding Källén sold Åsgård in 1964 and in conjunction to the sale, the farm got its current look.

Gripsholm Castle – a piece of Swedish history

On the other side of Åsgård Mariefred, at the mouth of Lake Mälaren, stands the Gripsholm Castle. The king Gustav Vasa started the construction in 1537 and it was completed eight years later. Today, the Gripsholm Castle is one of the royal castles in Sweden and receives over 50,000 visitors per year. Duke Carl's chamber has remained almost untouched since the end of the 14th century, and the Gustav III Theater in one of the towers is one of the best-preserved 16th-century theaters in Europe.

Travel through time

The steamboat S/S Mariefred has been in service between Stockholm and Mariefred since 1903. The trip takes about an hour and is an enchanting voyage from modern city to untouched nature. A train pulled by a steam locomotive travels on narrow tracks between Mariefred and Taxinge-Näsby during the summer months. The train has several stops, such as at Hedlandet, a stone’s throw from Åsgård Mariefred. By car it takes about an hour from Stockholm, and upon request we can provide transportation from Arlanda Airport.