The castle Åsgard in Sweden is a mixture of the luxury of baroque bohemia and modern technology.

Briefly about the castle

  • The stylish and spacious residence has everything you need for any theme events;
  • Åsgard is an enlarged model of the house, fully equipped according to the eco-concept;
  • Its authentic baroque atmosphere, spacious and light apartments will make your stay unforgettable;
  • The complete renovation of all premises was carried out in 2015;
  • There is a 24-hour access, parking and a video surveillance system with 19 cameras inside and outside the castle;

The infrastructure of the castle Åsgard

  • The total area of the halls is 600 m2. The room of the castle is divided into 3 halls with high ceiling;
  • Equipped restaurant kitchen area of 50 m2 with a dressing room, toilet and shower room for the staff;
  • An open fenced park on the territory;
  • Three entrances to the castle and a fourth separate entrance to the restaurant kitchen;
  • The central entrance of the castle leads to a large hall, which is 40 m2 of open space. The capacity is about 30 people standing up. This room can also be used during events. The hall is equipped with a built-in bar with running water;
  • Viewing lake Mälaren there is a comfortable sun deck of 250 m2 with two entrances in to the castle: a northern and a separate entrance directly to one of the halls;
  • Four toilets and a dressing room in the basement;
  • The castle demesne can boat its own private jetty and motorboat.

Halls of the Castle of Åsgard

  • Music Hall – with a stage with required musical equipment (сlavinova, 4 microphones and amplifiers), can serve as a lounge zone or restaurant. The area is 300 m2 and the number of seats is 120. The interior deserves special attention with its beautiful modern designer furniture in combination with an antique fireplace, oak floor with exclusive ornaments and marble columns. The hall has a separate entrance to the open sun deck;
  • Library – 150 m2, is a flexible hall with a combined capacity of 120 people give the opportunity to decorate it for either lecture or banquet, as well as for performing a show with seating. The attic windows, linen curtains and natural oak floor attracts and delight the eyes. The library is connected by an access passage to the music hall;
  • Banquet hall "Knightly" with an antique table. The capacity for banquet seating is 26 people, while a buffet table seats 60 people. The highlight of the hall is an original marble floor.

Advantages of the castle premises

  • Eco-concept involves the use of eco-technologies in all areas of the castle such as “optical” waste separation, borehole earth heating and eco-electricity have been introduced also the decoration is made of only natural materials;
  • For high quality lectures and presentations, we can provide LCD interactive panel with a wide range of function, microphones, boards, projector, and required furniture. Additional equipment is available upon request;
  • All the halls are fully equipped with sound system. It is possible to reproduce sound both in all rooms simultaneously, and by dividing it in the seperate halls;
  • The castle can host guests with disabilities as there are 2 access lifts, a toilet for the disabled and ladders for moving between the halls;
  • There are 3 portable bars that can be used to serve cocktails inside or outside the castle;
  • Free WI-FI in the territory.