Entertainment for adventurers: a hunting tour of the castles Äleby Gård and Åsgård Mariefred in Sweden

Sweden is a country with a rich flora and fauna. It has always attracted the attention of foreign hunters. Do not miss the opportunity to admire the local fascinating scenery. Here you learn the secret wild life and hunt with pleasure.

We offer a nice and adventurous pastime during a three-day hunting tour of the castles and estates of Sweden!

As part of the program guests are accommodated in Äleby Gård estate. The hunting estate Äleby, on the island of Selaön is the best place in Södermanland for a close acquaintance with the wild nature. Here you meet wild boars, roe deer and elks, hear sheep bleating and cocks crowing in the sunlight and feel there is something fabulous, almost magical in the air.

Guests can stay for the night at the Swedish country house Äleby Gård. It is just a stone's throw from the forest. It is A great chance to wake up early in the morning and watch in detail how nature awakens and behave itself.

We propose to devote the morning hours to the art of hunting in the private forest of the Äleby Gård estate. Even skilled hunters will envy such venturous entertainment according to old Swedish traditions. During the tour, a local huntsman will assist and support our guests with his expertise. If you have your own private hunting guns we can offer help with permission to take them into the country for hunting purposes.

After a filling meal outdoors guests go to the castle Åsgård in the town of Mariefred. Here they spend the complete day in the atmosphere of chic, accompanied with live music and royal service. Delicious game is also dished up for them. After dinner guests are usually on the way back to the estate. They can choose to travel by car or by boat.

Alternatively, guests can stay overnight in the Åsgård castle at a comfortable hotel and have breakfast in the bohemian atmosphere of the Baroque palace.

Welcome to an exciting weekend at the wildlife company Äleby Gård and beautiful halls of the Åsgård castle on the shores of lake Mälaren in Sweden.