A cosy wedding in the castle is a new trend for 2017

A wedding is the most important event in the life of every couple. This is the beginning of a new path that everyone wants to remember their entire life.

Who would not like to have the loveliest archive with family pictures and show the children those memorable moments that are so dear to the heart?

Would you like to have a cosy atmosphere for your wedding regardless of age, time or status?

This season, unique places for weddings are becoming increasingly topical. Couples are looking for original architecture with beautiful landscape farther and farther away from their own country. Sweden is an undoubted leader among them. You can find a vast number of medieval castles within this country and one attractive point is that it is extremely easy to reach them as all the castles are near the major cities.

We warmly recommend that you choose a private caste. The owner of the castle will be able to support a successful organization of your event. Not only to provide an ideal venue for your special day and offer options of comfortable accommodation to your guests, but also help resolve all organizational issues such as fresh food, floral decor, wedding bouquet, fireworks, photography services, etc.

A vivid example of a perfect castle is Åsgard, which is in the proximity of the Swedish capital Stockholm. The private estate is situated on the shore of the beautiful lake Mälaren. Surrounding the castle there is a forest and ecologically clean area. When you visit the castle take the advantage, an excellent occasion to improve your health and enjoy the picturesque beauty of nature in the genial company of close people.

The castle is designed in the style of Italian baroque with notes of Nordic Scandinavian style which will impress anybody, even the most demanding visitor. On the territory, there is a luxurious wooden jetty which is perfect for having a wedding ceremony. Spacious and roomy halls, high-class professional equipment, furniture with designer fittings, textile design, utensils and vases - all these components make for better the entire organisation of the wedding and help to reduce it to a minimum.

Only expensive materials and unique designer furniture are used in the construction of the castle. They blend harmoniously into the overall style of the castle. Everything is made in such a way that every couple can give their own wedding style to the interior with the help of a professional designer and various details. The interior of the castle is created in the trend of minimalism so there are no limits for design solutions.

The medieval castle in Sweden for rent is truly the best solution for a stylish and modern wedding. This is something that will surprise your friends and relatives as well as give you an unforgettable holiday. Memories of such a wedding will bring sweethearts a lot of lasting pleasure! Perhaps they will be a great reason to return to the castle and celebrate the anniversary of the wedding, organise a family holiday or just a second honeymoon!